How the universe and the realities beyond work

Two meeting waves and the Creator´s infinity in every sense and omnipresent consciousness, are needed to create an infinite numbers of universes.

Author: Christer Nylander Author's editor: Lisa Forstenius


The human endeavor to understand the cosmos has been a long journey. Every now and then new approaches reach daylight. Nobody can claim they are right, but it is still worthwhile pursuing these approaches. Only by reflecting on the whole picture, its constituent parts and their relation, is it possible to comprehend how the universe and the realities beyond work. Humanity is in an epoch of time where more and more theories and concepts are questioned, for example in politics and economics, but also in physics and cosmology. The eminent English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science, Sir Roger Penrose, has expressed deep doubts concerning several aspects of fundamental physics and labeled them fashion, faith and fantasy. Many other physicists have raised questions regarding the rightness of concepts such as the Big Bang, an inflationary universe, curved space, spacetime, time dilation, dark energy, the string theory, etcetera. Furthermore, an increasing number of physicists are interested in understanding phenomena such as the observer-expectancy effect and consciousness, as well as time, gravitation, and electromagnetism. This is why the author of this article has embarked on a journey to explore the greater picture. The aim of this paper is to try to describe and explain some of the fundamental principles of the nature of reality, what we normally call metaphysics. The described metaphysical concept rests on extreme simplicity, which minimizes the assumptions, contradictions and paradoxes, that permeate theoretical physics today. It also provides a concept of a Creator that is beyond human interpretation and that gives a plausible explanation of how the tangible and intangible can be possible in our universe. Hopefully this endeavour has potential to unify the scientific and religious communities, and lead to a fruitful outcome. But, it will certainly require open minds from both sides. This article is radical and subjective with a non-articulated humbleness. It starts with some postulates and continues with a number of human concepts.


There are a number of postulates that apply to our universe and the realities beyond that can not as yet be proved, but that are logically consistent. The first is that the Creator, in every sense, is infinite. The second is that the universe and the realities beyond, consist of waves with an infinite number of frequencies. The third is that a wave and a particle are fundamentally the same, but manifest in different forms.The fourth is that space is flat. The fifth is that the macro and micro cosmos function according to the same principles. The sixth is that our universe and the realities beyond are not limited upwards or downwards.The seventh is that waves turn into energy shells, which form resonating clusters that follow the laws of electromagnetism. The eighth is that everything in the universe and the realities beyond have consciousness, and that this consciousness is a mirror of parts of the Creator's consciousness. The ninth is that reality is created by waves and energy field patterns (EFPs), in combination with the consciousness of the Creator. The tenth is that time does not exist. The eleventh is that gravity is caused by the spinning toroidal force. The twelfth is that the universe and the realities beyond are deterministic. The thirteenth is that everything in the universe and the realities beyond are transient. The fourteenth is that the four fundamental forces in nature are a natural cause of the laws of electromagnetism. The fifteenth is that the second law of thermodynamics is partially incorrect or not applicable. The sixteenth is that the vortex shape found in every design in nature is a consequence of the toroidal force. The seventeenth is that there are no miracles in the universe and the realities beyond. Further arguments of the author's postulates are provided here below.

Human concepts

Every human concept is an interpretation of fragments of the Creator's consciousness. At the same time everything, including human beings, is part of the Creator's consciousness.

Postulated concepts

The concept of a Creator

There is no statistical possibility that our planet, a universe, or the realities beyond, could hold any form of matter or any living, sentient beings, with their thoughts, concepts, feelings, beliefs, desires, dreams, memories, etcetera, without a Creator that embodies all these. Nothing can emerge from nothing. The complex reality we experience, not only in our surroundings, but also in our inner worlds, are proof of an infinite Creator. What the author means by Creator is an omnipresent consciousness without any personal attributes, intangible, immaterial and non-interfering, that exists and permeates everything both within and beyond space at the same time.

The concept of waves

A wave can be described by its length, amplitude, velocity and energy. Our universe and the realities beyond are filled with waves with an infinite number of frequencies. The background radiation in a universe is the main origin of waves which turn into energy shells and energy field patterns (EFPs).

The concept of a particle or energy shell, or a universe

A wave can turn into a particle and a particle can turn into a wave, i.e. they are fundamentally the same, but manifest in different forms. A particle is created when a wave, or waves with different frequencies, bend into a circle, forming spinning toroidal shells with a negative and a positive charge on opposite sides. In principle, there is no difference between a universe and a particle. It is more appropriate to call them energy shells than particles. This process can be triggered when a wave is exposed to one or several other waves, or one or more EFPs. Energy shells are formed inside other shells or right next to them. When an energy shell is formed the background radiation inside the shell is determined by the properties of the bending wave. Elementary particles have basically the same structure as our universe, since the universe and the realities beyond work according to the same principles.The difference is only in scale. Shells that vibrate next to each other can form multi-layered EFPs that start resonating at the same frequency, thereby forming molecules and larger structures with varying density and stability. Every energy shell, even our universe, oscillates - it expands and contracts with an interval that depends on the property of the wave.

The concept of space

In the author's opinion space itself can not be curved, because space does not have specific local properties, but is homogeneous. However, space can acquire properties spawned by the oscillating energy shell. The waves of the background radiation fill space, and when they collide with each other, they create elementary particles (energy shells) of different sizes. This triggers a cascading process in which new energy shells are constantly being created both outside and inside already existing energy shells, ad infinitum. This resonating ocean of infinite frequencies and elementary particles constitute the structure of space (ether). Every wave, energy shell or EFP moves in this structure like fish in the ocean. The Planck's constant is a result of this structure. Consequently, every energy shell with different background radiation has a different Planck's constant, which results in different speeds of light inside each energy shell. The ether in an energy shell develops over time until "maturity" is reached, which allows different wavelengths to travel at different speeds.

The concept of macro and micro

Since the Creator is infinite in every sense, the structure of a creation must be limitless. This means that a universe can be infinitely large or infinitely small, and also that every universe functions according to the same principles. If Creation had a starting point, triggered by two waves colliding, creating two oscillating and spinning toroidal energy shells with opposite electrical charge, it would be enough to create an infinite number of macro and micro universes.

The concept of energy field patterns

A number of energy shells can form a resonating cluster, which can be part of larger clusters. Resonating clusters are in this article called energy field patterns (EFPs). Other energy shells can permeate the resonating clusters of EFPs in varying degrees, and vibrate in a varying degree of order or disorder. In addition, the distribution of positive and negative charge can be different in these structures. Some energy shells are more stable than others. The stability of EFPs depends on several things, for example the background radiation of the universe, the resonance of the EFP and other EFPs, the complex distribution of their charge, the disorder between energy shells, the spinning toroidal force, etcetera. Due to the constant flow of colliding waves that can turn shells into waves again, energy shells and EFPs dissolve or are rearranged over time. EFPs cover the spectra from very dense matter to very low-density invisible fields. An energy field is always charged, but it can be difficult to measure this charge due to very low electromagnetism or other nearby or inner fields. Energy fields can exist in different forms: 1) As an energy shell 2) as energy shells within energy shells 3) as a resonating number of energy shells next to each other 4) as a resonating number of EFPs next to or within each other 5) as resonating conglomerates of resonating EFPs interspersed with shells that have varying degrees of order. The clusters of shells are constantly changing, and become increasingly stable the more they resonate. All energy fields are electromagnetic.

The concept of consciousness

Everything, from a single wave to the largest structures in the universe and the realities beyond, have a varying degree of consciousness. This includes all matter and every single living being, each thought, concept, feeling, belief, desire, dream, memory, etcetera. The more complex, diverse and resonant the EFP, the higher the consciousness, and the more it represents the wholeness of the Creator. A human being is a very complex setup of an uncountable number of EFPs that have a high capacity to interact with other external EFPs, leading to more incorporated EFPs, and an increasing order in various parts of the EFPs. This process develops the consciousness of the entity over time and is characterized by phases of disorder and order. It is a kind of a trial and error process. Every concept, thought, feeling, emotion, etcetera, represents an EFP that can be rearranged by a profound experience, but more commonly by daily practice. A profound experience could be a very strong incident like, for example, a car accident, which makes an impact on the conscious or unconscious EFPs of an individual, increasing the resonance of the individual's EFPs, and thereby creating an instant insight. EFPs can also be rearranged by daily practice, whereby several weaker forces, for example those created through social interaction, try to adapt to and refine the EFPs over time. All living beings, including their inner organs, cells, bacteria, etcetera, have a consciousness which represents a larger EFP that contains an innumerable number of underlying EFPs. Only a tiny part of the total consciousness of a human being is conscious, the bulk is subconscious. The aware part of the consciousness is conscious because it uses different parts of the brain that have the capacity to perceive, interpret, learn, memorize, etcetera. No thought, concept, feeling, belief, desire, dream, memory, etcetera, could be developed without the entity's unconscious knowingness of its inner and outer realities, in combination with the consciousness of the Creator. The same principle applies to the development of complex EFPs such as the inner organs of a human being. The EFPs of a human being are in touch with everything in the universe since everything is interlinked in consciousness through EFPs and the structure of the ether. This is why a person can send a thought to another person on the other side of the planet, and the thought be immediately picked up by the other person, if their sensory apparatus is intact, and if their respective EFPs resonate with each other.

The concept of time

The origin of our concept of time is our planet's yearly cycle around the sun, which we have divided into months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds, the cycles of the seasons, day and night, sleep and waking, etcetera. Thus, time is a human construct, but in fact, all that exists is an evolving sequence of manifestations caused by the interaction of an almost infinite number of EFPs. A phenomenon related to the concept of time is time dilation, i.e. a slowing of time in accordance with the theory of relativity that occurs in a system in motion relative to an outside observer and that becomes apparent especially as the speed of the system approaches that of light. This concept has given rise to speculations in current science that it could be possible to travel at near the speed of light and return to earth younger than the people you left behind, i.e. that time has passed faster on earth than on the space flight. The author's point of view is that time dilation does not exist. The phenomenon that a clock in space ticks more slowly than on earth, which has been proven by, for example, the International Space Station (ISS), depends on differences in gravity between space and earth. This difference in gravity slightly changes the background radiation in energy shells, and thereby the frequency used to measure time. Thus, the concept of time as a fourth dimension or spacetime, and time dilation, are delusions, but time as a human construct is nevertheless important to coordinate activities on the planet and in space.

The concept of gravity

Gravity is created when a wave bends into a spinning toroidal energy shell resulting in an electromagnetic force. Consequently, both mass and gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon. The sum electromagnetic force at the outer shell constitutes the total mass of the particle or the universe. The size of the energy shell corresponds to the level of gravity. For example, electron shells are much larger than neutron and proton shells, because they have less gravity. Even if gravity successively increases and the speed of light decreases the deeper down you go into the structure, measured from our place in space, this is not how it would be experienced at the deeper levels of the structure.

The concept of determinism and free will

The universe and the realities beyond are deterministic in the sense that they constantly strive to achieve full consciousness through the mathematical accuracy of electromagnetism. This means that waves, energy shells and EFPs interact with each other, following the laws of electromagnetism, basically derived from the law of attraction and repulsion, and the spinning toroidal force. Even though the universe is deterministic, the timeframe is so vast that human beings are not aware of it.

The concept of transiency

The fact that a wave can become an energy shell, and vice versa, means that everything in the universe and the realities beyond are transient. Even if some energy shells or EFPs are more stable than others, eventually they will dissolve slowly or abruptly.

The concept of entropy and syntropy

Entropy is characterized by disorder in an energy field, and syntropy by order. Nature can create syntropy by achieving resonance in energy fields that results in a certain capacity for cold fusion as seen, for example, in the transmutation of elements in plants. This is confirmed by scientists such as Herzeele, Baranger, Spindler, Julien, Komaki, etcetera. Our planet could not harbor the diverse nature it does if the second law of thermodynamics was right. While humanity uses heat engines based on, for example, oil, coal, gas and firewood, nature works through cold engines, as does our whole universe. It is therefore a misconception that the level of negentropy or syntropy was exceptionally high when universe was created, and that it after that decreased. As described above, the energy shell of the universe oscillates thereby creating an energy that continuously feeds the system. That is why the second law of thermodynamics is partially incorrect or not applicable.

The concept of the four fundamental forces

The four fundamental forces in the universe and the realities beyond - gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak force, are created when waves bend into circles, forming spinning toroidal shells. The strong force is created when two energy shells with opposite charge, i.e. positive-negative, are attracted to each other. The weak force is created when an energy shell with a positive charge at its outer surface is inside an other energy shell that has a positive charge at its inner surface, i.e. positive-positive. Gravitation is created by the spinning toroidal force. Electromagnetism, as defined by scientists, is a function of the EFPs' resonance. In reality, all four forces are caused by electromagnetism.

The concept of the toroidal force

One of the outcomes of the spinning toroidal energy shell is the toroidal force, that can be observed everywhere in nature and in the universe, as well as in the golden ratio. Every wave, energy shell and EFP moves according to this vortex principle, which is vital in order to create resonance and syntropy.

The concept of the unexplained

Since humanity only has a fraction of the consciousness of the Creator, it has very limited knowledge of how the universe and the realities beyond work. This is why most people perceive unexplained experiences as miracles or magic. Electromagnetism, waves, energy shells, and EFPs, in combination with the consciousness of the Creator, as described above, can explain every concept, and every cause and effect. This refers to additional scientific concepts such as science, mathematics, half-life of elements, observer-expectancy effect, quantum entanglement, wave behavior, etcetera. It also refers to other areas that are as yet not considered scientific, such as mind and soul, dreams, reincarnation, psychic abilities, paranormal experiences, time travel, and many more.


As mentioned in the preface, the material in this article is my personal view of how the universe and the realities beyond work. I understand that much of it could be considered controversial, and might need time to digest. My hope is that it will inspire you to expand on the thoughts presented and I would very much appreciate your feedback, if only in a short comment. You can reach me at

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